Several common problems and countermeasures of bag making machine (Part 1)

The bag making machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is various sizes of plastic or other material packaging bags with different thickness and specifications. Of course, there will be many problems during the use of the bag making machine. This article is to help you eliminate the troubles about the use of the bag making machine.
1. What should I do if the cold cutter of the flat mouth machine keeps cutting
When the cold cutting knife of the flat machine is always cutting continuously, check whether the cutting knife is sharp and whether it needs to be re-sharpened; check whether the balance of the upper and lower knives is appropriate. balance.
2. The flat mouth machine cuts three or more strips, what should I do if the size of the bag is different?
Put a layer on the rubber roller behind the thin film, so that it can be evenly mixed with other materials.
3. The spring of the flat mouth machine is broken, what is the reason?
If the self-adhesive strip is not stuck in place, if it curls up and gets caught in the spring, the spring will break. The self-adhesive strip must be pasted properly during operation. Another reason is that the material is not neat or stuffed into the rubber roller, causing the spring to break.
4. What should I do if there is a big difference between the two sides of the bone bag making machine?
It is necessary to adjust the aluminum pressure roller well, and adjust it so that both sides of the edge can be pressed, so that this situation will be avoided.
5. What is the reason why the self-adhesive strips cut by the side sealer often stick to the conveyor belt?
The self-adhesive strip is misplaced and stuck to the conveyor belt. It is necessary to adjust the self-adhesive position of the edge correcting machine behind, and the edge correcting electric eye must be placed on the self-adhesive position to correct the edge to prevent displacement.
6. What is the reason why there is burr on the OPP cutting edge or the explosion-proof edge will be rotten?
The hot knife and the suction arm are not properly adjusted. Normally, the hot knife cuts off 2 cm, and the suction arm sends out the material.


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