Application of hot sealing cold cutting bag making machine

1. Purpose:
This machine is suitable for making plastic film packaging bags such as clothing bags, socks bags, towel bags, bread bags, jewelry bags, underwear bags, stationery bags, electrical components bags, bamboo and wood product bags, etc.
2. Materials to be processed:
Various heat-sealable materials such as BOPP, PP, PE, heat-shrinkable film, etc.
3. Performance characteristics:
1. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and the stepping motor is used to drag the material (the servo motor control system can be selected).
2. Computer fixed length, step length photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic stop when the label is lost, and photoelectric control for feeding.
3. Automatic counting, counting alarm and the whole machine can be set to stop.
4. Heat-sealing lace; automatic punching (hanging holes, exhaust holes); automatic gluing.
5. Tube material breakage, discharge correction, punch hole correction (additional device is required).


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