The composition of plastic bag making equipment

Plastic bag making equipment includes components for cutting and sealing plastic film. The sealing bars and the knife member support are secured by bolts and are usually attached to an upper support 7. Guide tongue 43 is mounted on a movable shaft, which is fixed on an upper support 7. It has a beveled edge 45 located immediately below the cutting edge of the knife member 32 and a short distance away from the plastic film 2. The rubber seat 46 is made of a cylindrical cross section shaft.
The various types of plastic bag making equipment are classified into four categories: servo-drive machines, side-weld bag making machines, bottom-sealing machines, and T-shirt bag machines. The machines are fitted with various parts, such as servo motors, fingers, blowdowns, punches, vacuum arms, cams, and bottom seals. These machines are designed to produce multi-size bags at a high production rate and can be automated.
Aside from plastic bag making machines, automatic bag making machines are also available that can be used for a variety of materials. Some models produce cotton bags, jute, and net bags.


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