Colding cutting non tension bag making machine welding knife adjustment method

Colding cutting non tension bag making machine welding knife adjustment method:
Put a piece of tissue paper on the support seat, turn the large handwheel in the body box by hand, make the welding knife at the bottom dead center, loosen the nut, adjust the nut (note: the adjustment nut of the pull rod is basically adjusted before leaving the factory), and use the hand to adjust the nut. Pull the compression degree of both ends of the tissue paper until it is about equal. After adjustment, tighten the nut to prevent loosening.
Adjustment of the upper and lower cutters
1. When the upper knife travels to the bottom dead center, it should be completely closed with the lower knife left and right. If the right end is not completely closed, adjust the connecting rod adjusting nut to make the upper knife drop slightly. After the adjustment is completed, fasten the upper nut.
2. When the gap of the plug iron increases after a period of use, it should be adjusted immediately. At this time, first loosen the nut, push the plug iron adjustment screw slightly to the appropriate gap, and check with a feeler gauge, the gap should not be greater than 0.02mm , After adjustment, tighten the nut.
3. Adjust the upper knife adjusting section screw, and use a small gap between the upper knife edge and the lower knife edge at the beginning of the cut, in order to prevent the knife from hitting the knife and damage the tool.


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