About this hot sealing cold cutting bag making machine

The present invention relates to a cutting/sealing device for plastic bags. The device includes a section 1' which is fixed by bolts, not shown, parallel to an upper sealing bar 4. There is also provided a guide tongue 43, which is seated through end support members on the upper support 7 and has a beveled edge 45 located just below the cutting edge of knife member 32 a short distance from the plastic film 2.
A roll 51, which is positioned at the leading end of pivot arm 52 over which passes a belt 53, moves angularly in synchronism with sections 1 and 1', thereby tensioning the portion of the plastic film 3 corresponding to the mouth of the bag being produced, or the bottom side of one which is beginning to be produced, and preparing for the cut by knife member 32. The roller, after cutting, is rotated to remove a finished bag by its mouth from between the sealing surfaces of the upper and lower sealing bars on the device.
This cutting/sealing device is designed so that the teflon film used to seal the films can be replaced without the need for handling large numbers of screws and components as in the prior art. This enables the device to be put back into operation without a large downtime.
This device is especially suitable for producing upstanding bags of tubular film. It has a high production efficiency to save manpower and time.  It is equipped with servo motors as standard attachment, making it easy to adjust the length of bags and production speed. It is also able to perform component self-testing.


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